Market Stall Application.

Inside the festival there will be an area dedicated to market stalls.
If you are interested in exhibiting and selling your products and works, read the rules and fill out the form below.

  • We will start contacting applicants from April 2021.
  • At the moment, we cannot consider applications for food stalls. We hope the situation can change soon.
Market Rules
  1. The stand can have a maximum size of 3x4 meters (single stand) or 3x6 meters (double stand). Under no circumstances the market stall may exceed the 3 meters in depth.
  2. Organizers will decide on the arrangement of the market stalls within the festival area.
  3. No groceries or beverages of any kind are allowed for sale.
  4. The ignition of open flames or the use of gas is absolutely prohibited.
  5. Set-up of the market area: from 08.30 to 16.30 of Friday 16th July 2021.
  6. It is absolutely forbidden to use cars or any other vehicle in the festival area during the event.
  7. You can access the festival area with your car for unloading operations at times established by the organizers and only before and after the event opening hours.
  8. Atlas, as host of the event, does not bear the tax obligations of the individual vendors.
  9. A deposit of €50 for garbage is required for each vendor. This measure became necessary after misconduct of some vendors who left a dump behind themselves after leaving the festival.
    The deposit will be returned at the end of the event after checking the cleaning of your space.
    The deposit may NOT be returned also for incorrect separation of trash.


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