What is Atlas Connection?

It's quite hard to describe such a complex and heterogeneous experience in a few words, but we'll try anyway.

Atlas Connection was born when Atlas Festival and taurus Connection joined together to create a whole new experience in the festival scene in Italy.


Atlas is a multidisciplinary festival born in 2017. It originated as a psytrance event and quickly developed integrating several other underground music genres. Along with new music styles, Atlas included cultural activities such as panels, seminars, and workshops.


We do not consider Atlas a psytrance festival.
In fact, the composition of our audience dramatically differs from standard psytrance events: our participants are from dramatically different backgrounds and movements, and they reflect the heterogeneous composition of our program. 

For this reason we prefer to consider Atlas a gathering of underground urban cultures.


Regardless of how you want to define this experience, we are sure that if you approach this event without preconcepts or inhibitions, you'll quickly find yourself in a universe in which every person around you is a friend, a family member, and an amazing fellow traveler in this magical journey.

What music will I find at Atlas Connection? How many stages will there be?

For this 2022 edition, you will find two music stages.

We pride ourselves in being one of the most eclectic festivals in southern Europe ranging from Psy-Trance (and all of it’s subgenres like Goa, Trance, Full-On, Forest, Hi-Tech etc.) to Techno, Chill-Out, IDM, Dub, Reggae, Noise, Trip-Hop, Glitch and much more in-between, including some live bands.

When will the detailed program be published?

The detailed program will be published mid-April on our website and social media accounts.

Where will the timetables be published?

The timetables will be on our website, on our social media accounts and on posters throughout the festival area.

We usually share timetables in the week before the event.

At what time will the music start and finish?

Music starts Thursday at 6 pm and ends Sunday at 8 pm, the Main Stage will have an intermediate break Saturday afternoon.

Slight changes to the schedule might happen.

What is "Leave no trace"?

Leave no trace is the philosophy at the base of our events, involving everything from its organisation to you the participant. Our aim is to be invisible to the environment, making sure that we don’t leave trace or mark of our presence.

You can help us in this by taking care of your surroundings and throwing out your trash in the appropriate recycling bins.

This is not just a marketing tagline. If we see someone deliberately polluting the environment around us, we'll kick his/her ass.


Where can I buy my tickets?

Just click on the "Ticket" button on the top right of this page. You will see the full ticket policy once you get to that page.

You can also buy your ticket through one of our ambassadors in Italy and abroad.

Usually, people also got the possibility to get their tickets directly at the gate on the festival date. However, we strongly suggest to get your tickets in advance, firstly because it enables us to better organize the entire experience, and secondly because the price will be higher at the gate.

What does my ticket price cover?

The ticket price covers entrance to the festival, participation in the activities, access to the camping and use of the services inside the festival, such as showers and so forth.

Can minors take part in the festival?

Minors can take part ONLY if accompanied by at least one parent or one legal tutor.

Legal tutors must be older than 18 and need to show a proxy document signed by the minor's parent, together with copies of ID of the people concerned.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my children?

Children under the age of 14 don’t need a ticket.


Are caravans allowed?

Yes but you will have to reserve a caravan pitch by purchasing one of our “caravan-passes” at our online shop.

They will be available soon as the festival date approaches.

What about camping and survival equipment?

Atlas is an extreme experience: as in any mountain camping, temperatures can swing quickly, so be sure to have both light and warm clothes with you.

We also recommend

  • Flashlights 
  • Appropriate shoes
  • Rainwear (you never know)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Camping tent
What about food and water?

On site you will find everything you may need: from food to drinks and drinking water points.

Vegan and vegetarian alternatives will also be available. 

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks, but please keep in mind:

  • glass containers or cans are not allowed.
  • no flames or fires are allowed anywhere in the festival area.
Do I have to join a camp?

No, the camping area will be accessible to everyone who has a ticket.

Will the camping area have shower facilities?

Yes, there will be showers at the camping area.

I have some health issues - is there medical support?

Yes, there is a medical station open at the festival.

However, if you have any particular health issue which might require special treatment in case of complications, we strongly advise to contact us in advance, so we can prepare our team accordingly.

Should I bring my own tent or will there be any accommodation already set-up?

All participants should bring their own tents. We used to give you the possibility to purchase a basic tent on our online shop and pick it up at the festival gates, but not for this edition.

There will be a camping area where you can set up your tent.


How can I participate with my art at Atlas Connection?

We would love to have your art at Atlas Connection, fill in one of the “Participate” requests so we can best showcase your work.

I would like to participate with my business at Atlas Connection, what is the procedure?

Depending on what kind of business you run, there will be a specific form for you to fill in the "Participate" section of this website.

We look forward to your application!


Can I use a video camera?

Yes, but please be polite in doing so, and always ask for consent if you're filming strangers.

Can I fly my drone at Atlas Connection?

If you wish to bring your drone at Atlas Connection, please contact us at [email protected]

Will my phone work?

It depends mostly on which operator you use.

Generally, phones work in most areas of the festival venue.

Are pets allowed on the festival site?

For safety reasons we can’t allow access to the festival to your pet friends.

If you want to bring your pet with you, please contact us in advance. 

Do I have to book in advance to attend the seminars?

No, almost all seminars are open to all participants.

In case there will be activities that can only be accessed via registration, you will be notified in advance and will have the possibility to book your spot when arrived at the festival.

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