I have a voucher from Atlas 2020

Atlas Connection 2022 will be a 4-day long event with a lot of special surprises.

Ticket holders from 2020 are required to pay an additional €20 fee, since Atlas Connection will last one day longer and feature new, international artists.

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I have a voucher from Taurus 2020

Ticket holders from Taurus Connection 2020 can pay a small additional price to get their new ticket for Atlas Connection 2022. 

You received the vouchers at the same email you used to purchase the tickets for Taurus Connection in 2020.

If you can't find the email, check your spam folder or contact us.

Thanks for your patience!

I have a voucher from BOTH Atlas 2020 AND Taurus 2020

Contact us here.

No additional payment is required, but you need to contact us first to get the voucher to convert your old tickets for Atlas Connection 2022.

I don't have a voucher from Atlas 2020 or Taurus 2020

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