Where is Atlas?


What is "leave no trace"?

Leave no trace is the philosophy at the base of our events, involving everything from the organisation to you the participant, our goal is to be invisible to the environment taking care in making sure that we don’t leave trace or mark of our presence. You can help us in this by taking care of your surroundings and throwing out your trash in the appropriate recycling bins.

What music will I find at Atlas? How many stages will there be?

There will be three music stages, we pride ourselves in being one of the most eclectic festivals in southern Europe ranging from Psy-Trance (and all of it’s subgenres like Goa, Trance, Full-On, Forest, Hi-Tech etc.) to Techno, Chill-Out, IDM, Dub, Raggae, Noise, Trip-Hop, Glitch and much more in-between.

When will the detailed program be published?

The detailed program will be published mid-April on our website and social media accounts.

Where will the timetables be published?

The timetables will be on our website, on our social media accounts and on posters/billboards throughout the festival area.

At what time will the music start and finish?

Music stars Friday at 6 pm and ends Sunday at 7 pm, the Main Stage will have an intermediate six hour break Saturday afternoon.


Where can I buy my tickets?

You can buy your tickets here on our website or directly at the gate (see at the gate pricing).

What does my ticket price cover?

The ticket price covers entrance to the festival, participation in the seminars, camping and use of the services inside the festival.

Can minors take part in the festival?

Minors can take part ONLY if accompanied by at least one parent.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my children?

Children under the age of 14 don’t need a ticket.


What about camping and survival equipment?

Atlas is an “extreme" experience, as in any mountain camping temperatures can swing quickly so be sure to have something light but also something if gets cold (chilly?). We also recommend a torch and appropriate foot ware.

What about food and water?

Yes, on site you will find everything from food to drinks and drinking water points. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives will also be offered. 

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks but glass containers or cans are not allowed.

Do I have to join a camp?

No, the camping area will be accessible to everyone who has a ticket.

Will the camping area have shower facilities?

Yes, there will be showers at the camping area.

I have some health issues - is there medical support?

Yes, there is a medical station open at the festival.


Are caravans allowed?

Yes but you will have to reserve a caravan pitch by purchasing one of our “caravan-passes” at our online shop.

How can I participate with my art at Atlas?

We would love to have your art at Atlas, fill in one of the “Partecipate” requests so we can best showcase your work.

I would like to participate with my business at Atlas, what is the procedure?

We look forward to doing business with you, fill in the “Market Stall” request so we can arrange everything.


Can I use a video camera?

Yes, but please be polite in doing so, ask for consent if filming strangers.

Can I fly my drone at Atlas?

Sadly no, if you wish to bring your drone please contact us at

Will my phone work?

Yes, there is good reception on the festival grounds.

Are pets allowed on the festival site?

No, for safety reasons we can’t allow access to the festival to your pet friends.

Should I bring my own tent or will there be any accommodation already set up?

Yes, all participants should bring their own tents, there will be a camping area where you can set up your tent.

Do I have to book in advance to attend the seminars?

No, seminars are open to everyone.

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