Terms and conditions

This website, its sub-domains and the services available are managed by Mutex Srls, whose registered office is at:

Mutex Srls
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This text determines how the website is used, as well as the different services that it offers (purchasing tickets, booking accommodation, booking bus tickets, etc.). As soon as the user enters the website, they confirm that they agree with the Terms and Conditions for the event as described below. If you do not accept our website and/or our Terms and Conditions, we can only recommend that you stop using it.

Our Event Terms and Conditions always refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

We may decide to change our Terms and Conditions at any time, without this being reason for compensation of any kind. Any changes will, of course, only apply in the future.

All users of our website, including the services it offers, are aware of the fact that this use is always exclusively at their own risk. We take every precaution to make sure that our website and box office are working properly, but we cannot give any absolute guarantee of this. It is possible that the user may suffer harm as a result of errors and/or viruses or other harmful elements. We cannot be held responsible for any harm whatsoever resulting from the use of the website and our box office.

It is possible that some of the content of our website may be downloaded or that certain pages may contain links to other websites or portals. Any download from our website, as well as any click to go to other pages, are at your own risk, and any harm resulting from a loss of data or damage to the IT system are wholly and exclusively the user’s responsibility.

After leaving our website or box office, all visitors leave some information about themselves. This information varies according to what they did on the website, so it is possible that an individual can be identified. This means that we are collecting and processing personal data.

The Privacy Policy applies to the atlas-festival.org website, as well as the domain names connected to it. This Privacy Policy and the associated processing of personal data comply with the law 675 of 31 december 1996 on privacy in relation to the processing of personal data (the Italian Privacy Law).

You are free to visit the website and view the information on it about the organisation, programme and associated services without providing personal data. In general, visiting and viewing the website do not automatically result in the collection and processing of the user’s personal data if it is only a question of browsing data (such as an IP address for example). Browsing data is deleted after it has been processed anonymously, but it can be used to determine who is responsible if any breaches are committed against or via the website.

Mutex saves and processes personal data willingly provided by the user (e.g. when they sign up to the newsletter, purchase products and services, etc.). This data generally includes your surname, first name, email address, telephone number and postal address, if they are provided. Each time that the user provides personal data, it will be processed by Mutex for administrative and contractual purposes, for all information relating to the sale of tickets, competitions, newsletters, etc. and to offer the best possible service.

By providing their personal data via the website, users of the website explicitly consent to Mutex processing it for the purposes indicated above.

The personal data provided via the website will be saved and processed via an electronic system managed by Mutex in a closed, secure environment. This data is only available to a certain number of people appointed and authorised to view and process it.

By taking part in the festival, festivalgoers grant the organisers their image rights on the festival site and/or in the festival campsite. Festivalgoers therefore waive any right of recourse against the organisers if images are captured on the festival site and in the festival campsite as well as if they are used in the festival’s communication material in print or online. Festivalgoers can nevertheless report any photos appearing in communication material that might cause them any harm to the organiser via support@atlas-festival.org

Without the organiser’s prior written authorisation, no photos or videos produced by visitors to the festival, on the festival site, can under any circumstances be used for commercial or public purposes.


  • Glass bottles/recipients or other objects,
  • Generator
  • Gasoline
  • Illicit substances, drugs,
  • Sharp, blunt or dangerous objects or weapons (including fakes),
  • Fireworks or flares,
  • Barbecues,
  • Laser pointers,
  • Distribution of leaflets, flyers, handouts, promotional posters (without authorisation),
  • Use of drones,
  • Scooters and electric scooters,

As well as anything that could be considered dangerous for the organiser. The list of prohibited items may be changed or added to at any time by the organiser. Any sales not authorised by the organiser are strictly prohibited. Any items seized will automatically be destroyed on the spot.

There is no minimum age for entering.
Anyone born on or after 1 January 2010 will be admitted free of charge.
We recommend that minors are accompanied by a parent, guardian and/or other adult.

Alcoholic drinks cannot be sold or offered to anyone under the age of 18.

The sale of drugs is prohibited on the festival site and will result in your expulsion from the festival as well as the involvement of the police. 

Visitors are asked to help to keep the site tidy, including in particular by using the recycling and rubbish bins in the stages areas, in the campsites and in the car parks.

Entry to the festival and the surrounding areas (including the campsites and car parks) is exclusively for people who have a festival ticket or a wristband, or who intend to buy a ticket when they arrive. Anyone approaching the festival entrance must therefore have a valid ticket or wristband.

CAMPSITE opening times:

Wednesday 15 June 2023 at 10.30 until Monday 19 July 2023 at 12.00 (midday).

For security reasons the organisers reserve the right to carry out searches at the entrance to the festival site and/or the festival campsite. Any festivalgoer who does not comply with this will be refused entry to the festival site and its campsite.

Festivalgoers must follow the instructions of the security team at all times. If a festivalgoer notices another festivalgoer or a third party behaving suspiciously, they should report their concerns to the security team. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to the festival site and its campsite if any festivalgoer behaves in a way that could compromise their own or anybody else’s safety.

Without the organiser’s prior written permission, the sale of any food, drinks, souvenirs, T-shirts or other items is strictly forbidden.

By purchasing a festival ticket, you, as a visitor, explicitly confirm that you accept the General Terms and Conditions for the Event. Any breach of these rules will be sanctioned. Mutex reserves the right to refuse entry to the site to any individual if there are sufficient reasons to do so. You are the only person responsible for any breach of the rules. You are also obliged to indemnify Mutex against all possible consequences of your breach, including claims by third parties. We also retain the right to take legal action ourselves.

The artists and organisers, including their agents and employees, cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft, nor for any other event. Official festival merchandise is only sold on the festival site or on its website.

If the organisers do not implement any of the clauses of these terms and conditions, this cannot be interpreted as a waiver of those clauses. Similarly, if any of the clauses of these terms and conditions is null and void, this does not affect the validity of the other clauses.

In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the judicial district of Pisa in which Mutex SRLS has its registered office have jurisdiction. Italian law is the only applicable law. You can submit an online complaint on the “European Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform”: ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr